Accounting Management

Manages the entire accounting cycle.

Lirion’s accounting module handles the full accounting cycle, manages and records your organization’s transactions, including fixed asset management, expenses, income, accounts receivable, accounts payable, subledger accounting, and reporting and analysis.


Record and control your financial operations that allow you to measure, analyze and interpret your operations.

Accounting periods: Create the accounting calendar and its periods with the possibility of opening and closing them.

Accounting schemes: define the controls for accounting, multiple accounting schemes per business group (for simultaneous accounting, eg: in dollars and pesos).

Budget: Determine the accounting budgets to use to define the anticipated costs of running the business.

General Ledger: Define the accounts needed to record transactions in the ledger.

Chart of Accounts: configure your list of financial accounts that allow you to organize your accounting processes.

Multiple reports: issue multiple reports related to your financial situation to know the economic state of your business.

Some of the organizations that use Lirion