• All-in-one modular management platform

    LIMS built around independent modules that they can interact with each other. LabCollector manages a wide variety of laboratory data on a daily basis.

  • Easy and extensive customization

    LabCollector adapts to any laboratory activity by adding different types of fields, search filters and tools for specific analysis. You can also create your own custom modules. Absolutely no IT skills required!

  • Access your lab data everywhere

    LabCollector is a web-based solution, allowing easy access from any connected computer in the lab thanks to intranet and internet support.

laboratory notebook and platform
admin everything in one

  • Speed up your research with LabCollector
    Manage your reagent stock and safety information
  • Find your cell lines, samples or any item in your inventory in seconds
  • Keep track of your lab’s activity and budget.
  • Ensure traceability and quality in your processes.
  • Share and collaborate.
  • Automates data acquisition


Flexible data inventory

No more paper records or loose excel files! LabCollector has been designed with the scientific end user in mind to improve the
traceability of your laboratory data. LabCollector will help you manage your inventory and warehouse efficiently yet easily.
It can be used immediately without complex configuration. Getting started with LabCollector is EASY!

Samples Module

This module stores any type of sample that your laboratory handles. You can define sample types, add multi-level processes/tests to each sample, which are sorted by entry date. Samples and their specific processes are associated with the operator or group. Samples can be linked to workflows or other apps.

Reagents and Supplies Module

Centralize all the information of the reagents and laboratory supplies in a single place, such as risk and safety data, lots, supplier contact and prices. It also provides an integrated purchase order management tool to streamline your stock and order management. Includes expiration and minimum quantity alerts, customizable purchase order forms, and order status tracking. Connect to Sigma/Merck, Thermo, QIAGEN and more.

Strains and cells module

This module stores and displays information on bacteria, cells and other organisms at the laboratory. It is ideal for searching
efficiently the origins of a strain and its storage location.

Primers Module

This module contains information about primers such as orientation, tags, availability, etc. The search engine accepts string queries. You can manage the order of primers and synthesis with the help of the hybridization search tool which locates the hybridization positions of the primers in sequences and plasmids.

Chemical Structures Module

This module stores chemical structures of interest to your laboratory. Supports 2D and 3D structures such as chemicals (supports MOL/SDF, CDX, and CIF files) or PDB models of proteins. SD files of multiple structures can be automatically imported. Can add a powerful search engine to take full advantage of this database.

Sequences module

This module stores sequences common to lab experiments, allowing quick access to prototypes and working sequences annotated by other scientists. You can also find primer pairs. It supports ABI files and bioinformatics tools are provided, such as ORF finder and map, BLAST, alignment and translation.

Plasmid module

This module is designed to manage effectively their plasmids. Allows to map plasmid sequences and their sites digestion restriction. Search engine allows you to search for direct and reverse primers. Includes an automatic map designer

Powerful storage tracking

Define and search cas, plates, tubes or any container easily with all the information at a glance. This storage system even lets you know how much sample is left in the tube. Import and export tools are available.

Antibody module

This module stores your collection of antibodies. can customize
different options (isotypes, species, applications, etc.). With this module you can perform powerful antibody searches based on your search criteria.

Animals Module

This module helps to manage your animal facilities. It allows a quick visualization of the state of the animal cage, ongoing experiments, etc. It allows the search and storage of current and previous animals. Barcode labeling on cages provides efficient data retrieval. A comment box allows you to note any observations. Wireless support gives you even more flexibility to work with animals anywhere.

Equipment Module

This module makes it easy to manage your equipment with its alerts feature to remind you when maintenance and other services are due. User manuals can be linked to each piece of equipment for more convenient access and storage.

Custom Module

Design any type of data module without database or computer knowledge! Replace any unused default modules with custom modules

Combined with powerful ADD-ONS applications

Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

Efficiently register and search any laboratory notes and experimental data with the ELN. Built as a collaborative platform, it allows you to create books and share them with collaborators of your choice. Insert links for the lab resources you use to quickly retrieve information. Our ELN integrates version control, electronic signatures and audit trail. ELN also integrates chemistry tools.

Laboratory Services Manager (LSM)

Built to meet the needs
of any type of laboratory that  provide services to internal customers or
external. Used for workload tracking, sample processing, and report reporting.
results. Through a web portal, your clients can submit jobs and
download reports. widely
customizable to fit any type of service lab.


Used as an electronic record
(EBR) to provide work instructions for your team, integrates
automatic calculations, data capture
of instruments, recording of deviation
for non-conformity. Creating graphical templates of your workflows
will allow extensive customization
their laboratory activities.
Supports regulatory activities by
GxP and FDA/ISO.

Reception of samples (Sample Receiving

With the Sample Receiving plugin,
can manage storage
plates/boxes and also start templates
in the Workflow manager plugin.
Works with the Lab plugin
Services Manager (LSM) and an external API
to check barcodes or
the state of the samples.

Equipment Scheduler

Organize, schedule and reserve your laboratory instruments on a calendar with Equipment scheduler. Includes reporting tools to view past and upcoming event statistics.

Samples Batch Tools

This module allows the import
direct from complete plates or racks of
precoded 2D tubes. use it for
catalog your sample information
(name, rack ID and rack position)
tube) in LabCollector. Compatible with
all scanners on the market (FluidX,
Ziath, BioMicroLab, Micronic, Thermo,
among others).

Photo Bank

Multimedia generated in their experiments, such as microscopy, electrophoresis,
animals etc Create galleries and categories
unlimited, upload photos or videos with a just click, comment and tag all your
files. Direct image upload tool from your windows computer to the PhotoBank also available.

Data Logger

This complement centralizes the temperature,
pressure, humidity among other data of
sensors and monitors them throughout the
time. Data is automatically imported from network logs,
stored and displayed graphically.
Samples in LabCollecto are associated easily to temperature or others exit sensors. Email alerts are available and text message.