CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a combination of business strategies, software, and processes that enable companies to build lasting relationships with their customers.With Lirion CRM you can manage the relationship with your existing and potential customers, helping to increase closing rates, increase loyalty and boost profits.

With Lirion CRM, your business can easily collect and manage customer data from multiple channels to create more accurate customer profiles, deliver personalized customer engagements, and ensure maximum productivity of customer service teams.With Lirion CRM you can alleviate human resources problems, such as the departure of employees.

Since without a CRM, your company depends on salespeople to close sales, follow up and document your communication with the client. When your company uses a CRM, the information is available to everyone, allowing the next teammate to jump in without missing a step in the sales process. With Lirion CRM integrated to Lirion ERP, an important customer management circle is closed, before and after the sale is closed.